Volunteering Agreement

As a volunteer with a Place for Change Program I agree that this is a legally binding contract which sets forth the terms and conditions governing my relationship and agreement between PFC Network Private Limited (PFC) and I.

Electronic Communications:

I agree that any electronic communication between me and PFC will have the same legal effect as a written agreement.

Personal Information:

I agree that all information provided in my application is true and acknowledge that any false or misleading information may lead to my immediate dismissal from the program.


I agree to be responsible for all fees and costs associated with the program, including international and domestic travel, visa, health inoculations, immunizations and/or additional accident and illness travel insurance that is required before my travel.

I agree to cover all my own expenses for activities and travel I choose to partake in that is not part of the Program that I signed up for.

Program Fee:

I understand that my program fee will include my own living expenses while volunteering such as my accommodation, food and program related travel cost.

I understand that PFC will be playing a integral role in my volunteer experience by assessing the organization I will be volunteering with beforehand, organizing my program, arranging and providing my accommodation and food at a standard that is safe and clean, providing me with 24/7 in-country coordination and help and other additional care that I may require. Therefore the expenses incurred by PFC for the assistance they provide to me before and during my volunteer program will be included in my program fee.

I agree to pay a deposit of 300 USD to PFC once I choose a program to volunteer with. I understand that this deposit will go towards my overall program fee and will not be an additional cost.

I am aware that I can opt for the full care package or customized package in relation to my program fee. Once I choose which package I would like I agree to pay the amount required for the chosen package.

If I choose the full care package my program fee will include pre trip preparation of my chosen program, accommodation, food, travel, all logistical expenses, management, oversight, and continual assistance during my chosen program.

If I choose the customized package, PFC will allow customization of the program and related fees based on my requirements and requests and per their ability. In return I will pay the standard deposit of 300USD which will go towards the cost of preparation and organization of my pre-trip expenses and 200 USD per month towards continually oversight and care during the entire duration of my Program. All other living expense I will arrange on my own without the interference of PFC.

I agree to pay the complete program fee for the program I choose at least 21 days prior of my program start date.

Refund Policy:

If I pay for my Program fee yet fail to participate in the dates I have scheduled, for unforeseen reason, I agree that PFC will return my program fee yet retain the deposit which will remain valid to secure my another position at the program for up to 1 year from the first date of my program registration. I also understand that any choice to volunteer after the year has elapsed will have to be anew and the previous deposit, will not the valid after one year.


I agree that any while PFC will act as facilitators and advisor for any additional tourism or cultural activity I may choose to do that is beyond the scope of the program,  I will assume complete responsibility for the cost incurred and my personal safety.

Personal Risks:

I am aware that travel of any kind comes with some personal risk. I am also aware that I will be working in parts of the world standards of accommodation, transport, safety, hygiene, telecommunication facilities, level of infrastructure development and medical facilities. I understand and assume personal responsible for my decision to volunteer at the program knowing the potential risks.

PFC will do all they can to provide me with a safe living and working environment while I am at the program. and will work within strict parameters to offer safe programs. However, if I am to bring my family, I shall assume full responsibility for children under the age of eighteen (18) years, and I will take full ownership of the needs and safety of children who accompany me.

I understand that while PFC will organize and plan my entire program with advance notice of all details, there may be unpredictable situations that will require instance changes in itinerary or program to ensure my safety.  I will not hold PFC to blame for circumstances that are out of their control and will adapt accordingly to the changes needed.

Code of Conduct:

I agree to respect and follow cultural protocol explained by PFC of the country I will be volunteering in. I will do all I can to abide by the instructions of safe conduct provided by PFC for my safety. I will behave in an exemplary and competent manner at all times.

I will avoid wearing inappropriate or revealing clothing at the placement site or while ‘on duty’. I will refrain from using any abusive language at my placement site during volunteering hours as a show of respect for those I am working with.

I will not consume alcohol during volunteer hours or do any illegal activity while I am on my program. I will try to cover or remove any visible tattoos or facial/body piercings if necessary to show to respect the cultural differences and sensibilities of the communities where I will be volunteering.

I will agree to have a means of instance communication (phone) available at all times doing my volunteering for safety and security purposes.

Local Laws:

I will take full responsibility for my actions during my volunteering and will not hold PFC responsible if I contravene any local law or regulation of the country I am volunteering in.

I agree that it is my responsibility to obtain and carry a valid passport during my travel as well as any necessary visa, immunizations and required documents in order to enter the country I will be volunteering in. If I extend my stay in the foreign country I will obtain the legal permissions from the applicable government authorities and will not hold PFC responsible if I do not have the necessary documents required for stay in the country I’ve chose to volunteer in.

Third Parties:

I understand that PFC works with various organizations, Non-Profits companies, government agencies and individuals throughout the country where the programs are placed. Such third parties assist in the facilitation of volunteering placements and experiences including the payment of fees through the payment gateway. To the best of PFC knowledge, these third parties are qualified and competent to perform their respective duties. Nonetheless, if there is any injury, damage, loss, delay or irregularity that may occur due to any action or omission of these third parties, I agree that PFC shall not be held liable for the same.

Consent Liability:

I acknowledge all risks associated with the program. I agree to assume full responsibility for my own safety, health, and well-being during the entire program. In the event of an accident or costs, expenses, or any damages whatsoever, I agree not to blame or seek compensation in any way from PFC for the damage caused.

I understand that PFC is not responsible for any costs arising from changes in currency fluctuations and other unforeseen circumstances. Once if there are any changes in cost I will be notified promptly by PFC. I hold PFC harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, costs, expenses, fees and damages arise during your volunteering.

I agree to release PFC from any and all claim against them and their contractors, domestic and overseas and any staff members, their heirs or their estate arising from any death, personal injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, irregularity  or expense to person or property incurred from the use of any vehicle or service, strikes, war, weather, sickness, quarantine, terrorist acts, government restrictions or regulations, or arising from any act of omission of any airline, railroad, bus company, automobile, sightseeing, hotel or any other service of transporting company, firm, individual, or agency.


I agree that PFC reserves the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect without any refund if I am found to misrepresent, indulge in any inappropriate behavior, breach any of the obligations under this agreement, or any non-compliance with the applicable laws of the country where the Project is situated. Any evidence of alcohol during your volunteering hours or any drug use at all, will result in the loss of volunteer privileges and immediate termination of the agreement. I represent that I have not in the past, nor will during any placement programs, engage in any form of abuse (sexual, violent, or verbal) towards anyone.

Photographic Assignment and Release:

I give PFC my permission to use all the details and materials that PFC receives by virtue of my participation in the program. Such details include my name, age, town/city/country/area of residence, email address, telephone number, images (photos), video, audio, writings (testimonies), and other recordings. I agree that PFC may use such details and materials in the web pages, newsletters, brochures, and other kinds of promotional materials of PFC and its affiliated organizations.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of India and any disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Bangalore, India.

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