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Volunteer with Place for Change

My volunteering experience with Place for Change was great. I had a lot of fun especially meeting all these children, each had such great spirit and they have taught me a lot. The highlight of my experience was helping to construct a rainwater tank, it’s so important, as we take water for granted and these kids don’t even have that, so giving them something like that is very special. It’s such an impact to see how grateful these people are for giving just 2 weeks of my life but it has made a very big difference for them and that is something I will always remember.



"Thank you so much. You have been so wonderful to me on my trip to India. I could have not made it here without you. You have been such a crucial part of my success here. Not only that, but you have made it such a pleasant experience."


Volunteer with Place for Change

I’ve always been interested in India and the culture and I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and do something different so I came to India to volunteer in education for underprivileged children. The volunteering was so great.

I loved hanging out with the children during my volunteer experience. It’s so nice to see how happy they are over the smallest thing. The best thing is the little moments like when I’m reading with the children and they looking up at you for reassurance that it was right and giving them a high five and they get so excited,  just little moments like that make everything bit so special.

Back home we take education for granted yet here it’s such a big deal to have schooling and be in school and the kids here love it so much. Yet back home it’s something that everyone kind of hates and dreads and it should instead be something we appreciate because so few people have it and we take it for granted.

Helga, Bogga and Rakel


A lot of people have asked us how it was and we always respond in the same way. It was great! We are sincerely very happy about our time in Bangalore and wouldn't have wanted a single thing to be different. When we first came to the city you and Tim immediately welcomed us and made us feel like we were in the right place with the right people. And that´s such an important thing when arriving in a far-away place like India. We were very pleased with the the apartment you provided for us. After our first days in the school we weren´t sure whether we´d fit in in the classroom as originally planned. When we came up with our own idea how to plan our work you were both open and supportive about it. Therefore we were able to contribute by doing what we´re good at and what we love. We really feel like we´ve made a difference, and that´s not something that all volunteers get to experience, that we know. It´s a really good idea combining volunteering and travels as you aim to do for your future volunteers. We strongly recommend doing this the way we did it. That is, first doing the volunteering and with your help slowly adjust to a different culture and begin to understand how things work. After that, you feel much more confident to go travel. This is such a good way to experience India. So keep on the same way! Last but not the least, we really appreciate how involved you and Tim were. You truly cared for us and did so many things that made our experience as enjoyable as it was. Little things like calling once or twice a week to check on us, taking us out for lunch or dinner, inviting us home, these things really matter. Thanks to you, we had a home away from home.We would recommend Place for Change to everyone. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Hopefully we´ll meet again in Bangalore. Otherwise, you have friends in Iceland:)


Medical Intern

"Asha, you are great, as well as Tim. I had a good time with you and wished we'd had more time together. I really appreciate how personally you take care of every volunteer. I thought the money was worth it and as a medical student it was a good assurance for all my certificates. I had a very enriching and interesting, mostly even fun experience. I had not developed any expections about this internship before I came to India and saw this place because I was very aware that the over all hospital experience in India would be very different from Germany. I gained a great insight into various fields of the entire hospital. Especially insight int the field of pediatric Oncology, Surgical Oncology and Health Information Management were a great learning experience. Academically, I appreciated all fields equally: working in the OT meant the most action, understanding and involvement for me personally, whereas culturally, my overall observances in Health Information Management were most interesting to me, as being in a Indian hospital creates major differences. I have met many great people and doctors who were more than willing to help and teach em with grand patience. I feel enormously grateful towards all these people who I have interacted with, who have brought me further and and supported me. I loved my five weeks there and would like to thank you heartily. I will for sure come back some time :)  


Volunteer with Place for Change

I decided to go to India to get away from the bubble of Western culture and try something new, experience a new culture, discover new things and new ways of thinking and where else but it India can you get a experience like that, so I was ready to grab the opportunity.  I’ve been volunteering with the Streisand Foundation organization for 2 weeks This organization takes underprivileged teenagers who have no education and gives them an opportunity to do a life skills training course and learn values. I’ve been teaching them course about health and hygiene. I realized in India there is a melting pot of religions, so the interesting aspect of my work was learning to accommodation myself to different religions and cultures. It was amazing to see how fast you can get close to the students and the day you leave it can be quite difficult. I would recommend this kind of experience. If once in your life you have a gap year or an opportunity to live this kind of experience please do so you will learn so much from this.  I would like the thank Place for Change for giving me the opportunity to do that.  Thank you for making the time to give people like me this life changing experience. I really had a great time!



"In my experience, it is difficult to find genuine NGOs to volunteer for but with Place for Change by my side I knew that Operation Groundswell’s money would be going to the right places.They were professional, inviting, and always eager to help out in any way they could. It was more than a pleasure working with them over the past year and I know I will be working with them again in the years to come."



I’ve always wanted to come to India and help out as I know there is some much that needs to be done there. My volunteer experience was pretty amazing, I’m really glad I choose the Rain water tank project as I felt really useful because giving clean water is actually giving a chance at life itself and I really enjoyed being a part of it. I know it’s going to be here for years to come and generations will be taking advantage of this, as it’s such an essential need in life. Every part of the project was such a highlight and the main thing I will always remember about India is the hospitality, they treat you like one of them. To others thinking about volunteering with Place for Change I would say definitely take the opportunity because it’s something you’re never going to forget. It’s a beautiful place to come to and they need so much help. I know that by just doing a little bit I’m not going to make a whole lot of difference but at least I’m going to be an example to others.

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