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Okay so here is what you need to know….

Who we are:  We are life-long volunteers! We adore using every bit of our creativity, experience, passion and excitement to engage aspiring volunteers in the art of Professional Volunteering! 

What makes us different: We don’t just talk shop. Each one of us have lived in India for a good chunk of time. We understand the problems, difficulties and issues of this country and we find innovative, helpful and sustainable ways to use volunteering to bring solutions to these issues. 

What content will you find in this blog: Pretty much anything and everything to do with volunteering abroad, the good, the amazing, and the awesome! We will cover topics like;

  • What you need to know before volunteering
  • How to choose the right volunteer experience for you
  • How to get the most out of your volunteer
  • Real issues and how to use your skills to bring real solutions
  • Volunteering alone vs Volunteering with a buddy
  • Pros and cons of volunteering in a Urban city or Rural village
  • What types of volunteering are available 

We will also keep a lookout of the best information that is out there on volunteering and repost them for your benefit. 

Month Special! 
Once a month we will choose a topic sent in by our readers and write a article on it, so go ahead and send it your suggestions to contact@placeforchange.com

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We are an entrepreneurship for social progress and provide solutions and opportunities for individuals to engage in social action.

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