Volunteers from Iceland impacting change in India

Bogga and Rakel outside of a small house in India
Meet Helga, Bogga and Rakel. They just finished college and decided to do some traveling and volunteering before starting university.  For their volunteering adventure they were eager to work with children and wanted to doing something to help underprivileged children receive education. 
The situation in India: India is developing at a fast pace. But while many people from the rural areas come to live in cities, the number of slums increases as well and thousands of urban city dwellers still lack basic hygiene, clean water or sanitation and living conditions are poor.
A little girl washing her laundry outside of her home in a slum area of Bangalore, India

According to the Times of India, “a majority of Indians have per capita space equivalent to or less than a 10 feet x 10 feet room for their living, sleeping, cooking, washing and toilet needs. Each day thousands of people from rural areas come to live in cities, the number of slums continues to increase and tens of thousands of city dwellers lack basic hygiene, clean water or sanitation and decent living conditions.

Parents living in slums are unable to afford basic education for their children, and kids are subjected to growing up in difficult and unhygienic environments with little to no chance of climbing out of the poverty that surrounds them.
Giving these children an opportunity at a better life through education is fundamental to breaking the cycle of poverty. Providing a clean environment, healthy food, and an opportunity to attend early learning is the stepping stone to living a better life as they grow up. 


Our Solution: The volunteers are profiling each of the families and children that are living in slums in India. With this information they will create individual profiles for the children so that donors from abroad can see each profile online and choose to adopt a child’s education from the data that is gathered by these volunteers. 

The Impact: Helga, Bogga and Rakel are making it possible for donors sitting across  the globe to provide a way for underprivileged families in India to send their children to school and in essence; change the cycle of poverty and illiteracy to a world of better opportunity and livelihood.
We are so proud of our volunteers :)

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