Volunteer Abroad: Build water tanks in India

10 University students from across Canada decided it was time to do something to help another community through hands on volunteering. They agreed providing water was a way to supply a important necessity and long lasting solution to those who struggle without adequate water.  For 2 weeks this awesome and amazing group of individuals worked alongside the local community to building a underground rainwater tank for a local school in a village of India.

What alot of people don’t realize is that water in most Indian villages is hard to come by.  A typical scene in a village is women carrying pots of water fetched from a communal well often at a considerable distance from their home. Even then, the water which they get is not enough and generally of very poor quality.

In fact, it has been argued that poor water supply impacts the education of the girl child, since it is the women and girls of the family who do this chore, and often a girl may have to skip school just to fetch water for her family. Villagers rely largely on groundwater to meet their daily needs; unfortunately this water has a lot of mineral content and is often unfit for drinking.

Rainwater harvesting provides an impactful solution to both these problems. By creating a method to collect the rain water falling on roofs, and then filtering and storing it in clean hygienic conditions, clean and safe water is provided to rural areas.


Here is a clip of a group of volunteers and their experience volunteering to build a rainwater tank.
If you would like to do a project like this with your fellow university students you can do so here

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