Meaningful volunteering abroad opportunities in India

There seems to be no shortage of Non-Profits offering a myriad of volunteer jobs in almost every country. Just in India alone there is over 1.3 million Non-Profits and it is good to know the options are out there. Yet as a volunteer looking for the right project it can seem a little overwhelming trying to figure out just where to start. Which organization should you volunteer with, where is your help needed the most and how can you be the most effective are all genuine concerns when you are searching for a volunteer project abroad.

Meaningful Volunteer Abroad opportunities in India

To get you started, here is a little synopsis of some worthwhile volunteer projects that Place for Change has identified and visited that are in need of volunteers in the field of Education and Teaching Abroad.

1. Teach at a preschool for slum children
Parents living in slums are unable to afford basic education for their children. Kids are subjected to grow up in difficult and unhygienic environments with little to no chance of climbing out of the poverty that surrounds them. As a volunteer you will teach at this preschool specifically designed for slum children. Your goal will be to teach, assist and manage the educational needs of the children, and find sponsors to support these kids and give them a chance to go to school, gain an education and thereby break the cycle of poverty they are in.


2. Increase employability for underprivileged teenagers
With India being such a fast developing country, it’s hard to believe that one in every five teenagers is still unemployed. By empowering teenagers from poor backgrounds with skills, education and a salaried job, the state of unemployment is drastically improved and in place is confident, independent and employed youth. In this project you will work with a local community college to mentor, guide and support these students with knowledge, guidance and training to help them gain confidence and skill

3. Trek to teach in Nepal
Children living in the Himalayas Mountains have little contact to the ever evolving world around them; with not much access to good educational material and teachers the children have difficulty learning. In this project you will trek through the Himalayan Mountains to remote villages, live and learn about the Nepali people as you teach at the school and provide necessary teachers, vocational training and skill-building to the children.

4. Discover rural India and teach at the local school
This school provides a service to children living in village areas in India. It serves as a residential/day school; it is co-educational and promotes cultural and literary projects, workshops and training programs. As a volunteer you will teach at this school, and impart your talents and expertise to help train and mentor children living in rural Indian villages. You will exchange knowledge and gain new experiences as you learn of their country, history and culture and teach them of your own.

5. Teach 17,000 ft above sea level
Ladakh is known as one of the most exotic mountainous travel destinations of India; yet the schools in these areas are extremely isolated and in big need of exposure, support and attention from the outside world. Volunteers are in high demand to provide support to the local schools through educational assistance, delivering school supplies and building better infrastructure.

To get more info on how to volunteer for these projects send us a quick message here :)

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