Rise against Violence towards Women this V-DAY

So you may or may not have heard of the 'One Billion Rising' Campaign commemorating globally on 14th February 2013. This is an opportunity for individuals across the world to stand up against violence towards women.

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Adventure volunteering in Ladakh, India

For anyone thinking of volunteering, sightseeing, trekking, or just out looking for some fun adventure travel in Ladakh, India; here is some good-to-know info about the place, the people, and what you can do help as a volunteer or traveler.

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Volunteer Abroad: Build water tanks in India

10 University students from across Canada decided it was time to do something to help another community through hands on volunteering. They agreed providing water was a way to supply a important necessity and long lasting solution to those who struggle without adequate water. For 2 weeks this awesome and amazing group of individuals worked alongside the local community to building a underground rainwater tank for a local school in a village of India.

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Interview: Volunteering in India

A few months ago I got a mail from 'Volunteer Leaders' (a fabulous website dedicated to supporting meaningful world travel all across the globe). They had asked me if I wouldn't mind doing a interview for a new section they were starting on their website called 'Meet the Volunteer'. It sounded like a great way for volunteers to share their experiences, stories, high points and adventures with aspiring volunteers considering volunteering abroad but haven't yet taken the plunge.

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Meaningful volunteering abroad opportunities in India

There seems to be no shortage of Non-Profits offering a myriad of volunteer jobs in almost every country. Just in India alone there is over 1.3 million Non-Profits and it is good to know the options are out there. Yet as a volunteer looking for the right project it can seem a little overwhelming trying to figure out just where to start. Which organization should you volunteer with, where is your help needed the most and how can you be the most effective are all genuine concerns when you are searching for a volunteer project abroad.

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Volunteers from Iceland impacting change in India

Meet Helga, Bogga and Rakel. They just finished college and decided to do some traveling and volunteering before starting university. For their volunteering adventure they were eager to work with children and wanted to doing something to help underprivileged children receive education.

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Welcome to VOLUNTEERING FUN with Place for Change

Who we are: We are life-long volunteers! We adore using every bit of our creativity, experience, passion and excitement to engage aspiring volunteers in the art of Professional Volunteering!

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We are an entrepreneurship for social progress and provide solutions and opportunities for individuals to engage in social action.

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